As a counter-attack to the "Sans-Limit Journalists' " ugly exhibition: The "Sans-Limit Basketball Players" are coming from Greece to Turkey!..
The famous Basket-Players of Greece: Papalukas, Papanikolau and the Greek Stars of NBA Tsakalidis and Fotsis are coming to Istanbul for the "Sans-Limit Basketball" organization...
The private Greek radio station Flash has broadcast that the Greek players would teach Predrag Stojakoviç and Hidayet Türkoglu from Sacramento Kings, and Ibrahim Kutluay from Panathinaikos and also some other kids interested in basketball the secrets of the career on 5th of July...
The main idea of NBA's this organization is "that the two sides of the Aegean Sea could be united thanks to basketball" said Flash, and also interpreted as: "our friends across the Atlantic are rather a little late".

The exhibition of the "Journalists Sans Limits" in Saint Lazare, the greatest railway station in Paris, had been removed on 9th of May after the initiative of Workers Party (Turkey). The Organization of "Journalists Without Limits" under the leading of Super Nato, was showing Turkish Chief of Staff General Hüseyin Kıvrıkoğlu and other national leaders of the world as "enemies of the freedom of the Press", and had their pictures laid on the ground to be trodden under foot as humiliation, amongst which there were the pictures of the leaders of Folks Republik China, Russia, Democratic Folks Republic of Corea, Cuba, Mid-Asian Turkish Republics, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe and Venezuela...
Super-Nato has taken its lesson; and cheers to the pacifist basket players of the pacifist sports!