MAY, 19, 2002

There came the soil to the founder of Turkish Republic.

"The fourteenth Atatürk Rememberance and Peace race" organized by the Atletism Federation has started. Within the race, the handful of soil taken from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's house in Thesaloniki, has been brought to Turkey; and it will be presented to the President Ahmet Necdet Sezer on 19th of May.
The soil taken from the garden of Atatürk's birthhouse in Thesaloniki, has been brought to Turkey through the Ipsala frontier gate by the Turkish Consulate Staff in Greece, and in a box enveloped within the Turkish flag, been delivered to , Kemal Özgün, the Representative of the Governor of Edirne...

Mr. Galip Galip, the president of the West Thracia Turkish Minority Advisory Committee and Deputy of Rodop also said: "As an identical geography in this region of unity we will be living friendly and fraternally. No action ever may spoil this friendship and this fraternity. And we will not let it be spoiled".

The Governor Representative Mr. Özgün together with Pasok Deputies Galip and Ahmet Mehmet handed over the soil taken from the garden of Atatürk's Birth-House in Thesaloniki, in a special box wrapped with Turkish Flag, to the sportsmen from Istanbul Masters Atletism Club.

And with the start given by the gunshut of the Governor Representative Özgün, the soil brought from Thesaloniki and wrapped in flag, began to be carried on in the hands of the athletes.

The Ipsala-Istanbul stage of the race will be completed in 19 hours, and Istanbul-Ankara in 33 hours, so totally in 40 hours.

The soil to be arrived to Ankara on 18th May - Friday at 16.30 o'clock, will be delivered to Turkish Republic President Ahmet Necdet Sezer on the memorial day of Atatürk and Youth and Sports day 19th May during the ceremonies

What is the meaning of 19th May?

Mustafa Kemal had landed in Samsun from his small cargo-ship to liberate his Country from the invasion of the imperialists on 19th May 1919. The kemalists did not allow the imperialists to divide and share Turkey, and on 9th September 1922 they completed the Independence War and founded the new Republic of Turkey...

The Italian Sports Newspaper Corriere dello Sport writes that Besiktas, one of the leading teams of Turkey, is intending to transfer Amaral, the Brasilian, from A.C.Fiorentina...

It is shown very probable that the transfer of Amaral, who is one of those thinking about leaving the 2.nd league team Fiorentina, should be realized.

It's said that the Fiorentina Club is asking for two-million euros with no reduction.

On the other hand, it is claimed that Galatasaray Club is keeping its interviews about Portuguese forward Nuno Gomes and defence-player Adani, who are also playing actually at Fiorentina.

Striker Hakan Sükür joined his teammates at their training camp on the Mediterranean coast on Monday, as Turkey gradually assembled their World Cup squad from around Europe.

Hakan, 30, has scored 36 goals for Turkey, more than any player in the country's history, averaging a strike every other game. He has 72 caps.

He is an almost certain starter at the World Cup, with questions only over whether coach Senol Günes will play him alone or alongside partners Ilhan Mansiz or Arif Erdem. Hakan started training gently on Monday with a squad that is still incomplete, some of them short of match experience and others tired after a long season.

Günes said, "Our player Hakan is now with us, he joined late because his own team was still in competition." Bayer Leverkusen's Yildiray Bastürk, who has a Champions League final to look forward to on Wednesday, will also be late arriving.

Günes has named 27 players for his preliminary squad, from which a final 23 will be chosen. He said, "There are six others like Hakan who will join us late so we will be together for (a warm-up tournament) in Hong Kong. The squad will be completed and announced there." Gunes said a few players were nursing injuries and the pace of training was being adjusted accordingly.

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