Milan administration stated that Rui Costa and Serginho, whom Galatasaray intends to transfer, were amongst the unpurchasable soccer players... By the way Milan is being told to be interested in Cannavaro and Stam.

Turkish National Team has won its first match in the tournament it joined before World Cup.
The goals: Min.20 Hakan Sükür (with a penalty kick), Min.45 Hasan Sas

The National Team Technical Director Senol Günes stated that, after the Chorean mixed match ended with 2-0, the camping procedure had passed as an adaptation period. But he didn't reveal any secret about the the staff of 23 persons...

The fans are trusting Mircea Lucescu, who came to the head of Beşiktas after the experience of championship with Galatasaray..
The black-and-white fans are believing to succeed together with the Rumanian Master..

69 per-cent of the black-and-white fans, who joined to the questionaire, titled "Will Lucescu be successful in Besiktas" made by www.bjkhaber.com internet site, which usually publishes news pertaining to Besiktas, answered "yes".

Totally 9349 people voted in the questionaire, and the 6399 who make the 69 percent said "yes"; while 2950, who make the 31 percent declared their opinion as "no" about the above mentioned Technical Master.

Hüsnü Güreli, the vice-president of Besiktas, preparing a landing to France tomorrow for Nouma and Mondragon interpreted the demand of Galatasaray for Nouma.. The ace-president Yildirim Demirören, on the other side, said that they could make a surprise transfer..

The young Nationals could not pass Russia.. Young National Team A could not pass its rival during the second private match realized with Russia.. The National Team, who lost the first match as 3-2, in the second match stayed at equals with its adversary as 2-2..




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